Monthly Archives: December 2010

Just In Case You Wondered

This is probably one of my favorite scenes from the movie, The Warriors.  In a nutshell,  every gang in New York is out to get the Warriors because they were framed for something that they didn’t do.  The Warriors finally find what they thought was their salvation, it turns out, the chicks were packed.

Proceed with caution my friends.


I feel you Cudi.

Great Day

Today I ate the most delicious chicken wings I have ever eaten in my life.  Wondering where it is? Too bad, my little secret.

Classic Swag

To me, classic means timeless.


Did anyone else think Megaman is a boss?

Don’t Be a Charlie Brown

Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays

To you and yours.

Its ironic how my favorite holiday, brings out the worse in people.