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I’m Jap And I’m Sleepy

I miss this fucking guy already.

Thats how I spent my weekend.


Good people, good food, and cold snow. What else could I say?

We Fucked Ourselves

If you got 300 seconds, and if you care, watch this video.

Its a slap in the face huh? And those who already knew, you already knew.

Beasty Cameras Now?

Well shit, Jordan III inspired Olympus camera.


Time to go to space

Swagger Sundays

Casual Thursdays

Tekkon Krinkreet is a 2006 anime film directed by Michael Arias. ¬†Tekkon Kinkreet is a child’s mispronunciation of “Tekkin Konkurito” which means steal reinforced concrete. ¬†Not only is this film beautifully animated, but is even enlightening. I would even dare to call it timeless.

A great film to explore your mind.